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Unequal pupils with HPPD?

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Has anyone else experienced this? I've been suffering from HPPD for several years and I notice that when it's really bad my left pupil is slightly larger than my right. There is also a significant amount of pain in my left pupil and increased photophobia.


Anyone else notice this? Can I be certain it's a part of my HPPD?

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This is a symptom of mold and candida overgrowth. I’m only sharing because I’m going through it now. 

If you have hppd it may make you sensitive to these two things. Or vice versa. Idk. All I know is my mold tox and candida are making my hppd worse or they helped create an environmental condition around me and in my body that helped cause the hppd. 

we are full of toxic chemicals. It sucks. But that’s capitalism. 

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