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HPPD or prolonged Migraine without headache ? Help

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Okay thanks for reading this

12 days ago I took my last micro dose. Before that I dosed with about 10micrograms for 3 weeks. 
six days ago I had a severe migraine attack with a big aura. HThere was not much pain but since then my visuals are distorted. I see afterimages And I’m super sensitive to light. But the light sensitivity doesn’t trigger any pain. It’s just like making the after image I see more intense. I smoked a little bit of dmt but came back normal.

I don’t have any tracers but when I imagine a light I can see it afterwards even if I close my eyes

my light sensitive got a bit better but it’s still a lot,and my vision just feels weird but Trip like per se. What do u guys think ? 
Let’s say it’s a light form of hppd, besides no drugs what else ? Like no coffee ?


for like 5 seconds today everything was normal again... thanks for any reply!

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I will preface this with I AM NOT A DOCTOR and therefore can not make any truly informed recommendation.   I think ultimately time will be your best friend in terms of recovery.  Your drug use is not very extensive which will work in your favor.  Unfortunately, for whatever reason, some people are really sensitive to these substances, some contract the disorder from only weed. It seems to really depend on the individual.  There are also people who can use drugs for years with no HPPD related consequences.  I have a friend who has taken way more acid than me, granted my doses were pretty high a few times but it has had zero effect on him. Also, my frequency of consumption exceeded his which is probably what did me in.  Anyway, you will get past this.

I tell everyone on here the same thing which worked for me:

  • Stop all drugs (even alcohol for a bit if you can) 
  • Get as much sleep as you can 
  • Exercise regularly even if it makes your symptoms worse
  • Eat well 
  • Stay busy with work/ school/ hobby etc
  • Try not to worry 
  • Learn to meditate if you can (this was really helpful for me) 
  • If you're open to it, start praying to God (it doesn't have to be any particular religion just ask for help on your knees everyday.  I really believe it will come if we reach out)

You will recover, you're young with only a moderate drug history. This is coming from a guy who ate 15 hits of good LSD in one night, if I can recover then so can you.  I am also a mathematics PhD student at a reputable university, life does not end with this disorder.  Take it as a hard lesson and believe me, when you recover, your appreciation for life becomes immense. 

Take Care,


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Thanks a ton for your reply. Iam still in the phase of not knowing if this really is hppd. Is there any accesment like with an fmri or something which can state a proper diagnosis? I will tell a doctor in a minute everything about it and maybe it’s just the migraine, a silent permanent Aura migraine.. idk :D 

But it might not be.. I also have some feeling of oneness with people and the relationship with my gf got much better... idk generally I appreciate life more but Iam in a position where i can easily take some weeks of... this is relieving. 
it’s also confounding that Iam meditating a lot and i did some tripsitting with dmt for friends which turned out to be amazing for them.. so  time will tell i guess but thanks guys for ur attention:) 

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I don't think any scan is capable of detecting it, I have had many MRIs for a benign brain tumor I have, never the fMRI or PET scan (which apparently are very expensive).  Just give it time, live healthy and have an open mind.  The most important thing is to stop using drugs (at least for a significant amount of time) if one does in fact have HPPD.  Keep us updated and good luck!

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