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  1. Thanks a ton for your reply. Iam still in the phase of not knowing if this really is hppd. Is there any accesment like with an fmri or something which can state a proper diagnosis? I will tell a doctor in a minute everything about it and maybe it’s just the migraine, a silent permanent Aura migraine.. idk But it might not be.. I also have some feeling of oneness with people and the relationship with my gf got much better... idk generally I appreciate life more but Iam in a position where i can easily take some weeks of... this is relieving. it’s also confounding that Iam meditating a
  2. Okay thanks for reading this 12 days ago I took my last micro dose. Before that I dosed with about 10micrograms for 3 weeks. six days ago I had a severe migraine attack with a big aura. HThere was not much pain but since then my visuals are distorted. I see afterimages And I’m super sensitive to light. But the light sensitivity doesn’t trigger any pain. It’s just like making the after image I see more intense. I smoked a little bit of dmt but came back normal. I don’t have any tracers but when I imagine a light I can see it afterwards even if I close my eyes my light sensitiv
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