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Huge symptoms improvements on Keto diet

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To make it short:

1. Did Keto during 25 days. Symptoms went down to a point I could barely notice them.

2. My doctor said to stop it because I was having too much animal protein

3. I went back to eating high carb, and symptoms came back to baseline

-> Why am I not staying on Keto?

Too many side effects, and dangerous on the long run

-> Notes

- Most people who thing are doing Keto are not in real ketosis. It takes huge commitment to do it. I was using a blood ketone tester and I was getting about 1.5 reading in the mornings

- This is a complex diet, you gotta study it well before starting

-> Takeways

Keto puts the body in a metabolic state similar to fasting. It increases BDNF and downregulates mTOR, stimulating autophagy. It also modulates Glutamate / GABA ratios.

Next step is to try Exogenous Ketones, to see if I can get the same benefits without the drawbacks.

I hope this helps whoever is desperate for a reduction in symtoms.

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This podcast explains all about Keto and it does say that people either gain very little benefit from Exogenous Ketones, or none at all. Have you tried them? I am seriously contemplating the diet, but a pill or liquid in lieu of the diet would be so much easier.


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