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Eye twitching

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Hello everybody.  Does anyone experience eye shake?  when I try to fall asleep and close my eyes they go crazy.  From that I sleep badly.  Has anyone encountered this symptom?  what helped you?  i am on 2 month hppd.  floaters, mild dp, mild vs.  100 lamotrigine.  Tried kava kava seems to worsen the symptoms.  Please write if you at least heard that someone had a similar symptom.  It doesn't seem to be caused by lamictal, stress, etc.  Thanks everyone.  written using a translator

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I just looked up a list of all possible Lamictal side effects here: https://www.drugs.com/sfx/lamictal-side-effects.html

Under "Symptoms of overdose" it lists continuous, uncontrolled back and forth or rolling eye movements (severe). Under less severe side effects, muscle spasms and other similar symptoms are listed as well.

Sounds like the Lamictal could be causing it, but I'm not a Doctor.

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Kava is a potent nmda antagonist compatible to memantine along with having activity in the ECS. I take kava but I’ve had this 7 years. 

orobably not good to mix something as strong as memantine with another nmda antagonist too.


Now that you mention it, sometimes I do have issues with eye muscle control when trying to go to sleep. It’s just not horrible nor all the time. Been like that since a child though. 

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