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  1. Приятно найти тут русскоязычных людей. Как твои дела, дружище?
  2. I found successful reports on this site. People claim that synimet helped with depersonalization. Therefore, I consider this drug as a possible treatment in case I get worse. Hope my symptoms will only get better until they go away. Thank you very much for your answer.
  3. Are there any reasons why you shouldn't try synimet? I appreciate your answers. I use google translator.
  4. Thanks for the answer. No, I don't feel that the attack is about to begin. Eyes just twitch and can be difficult to keep closed.
  5. Hello everybody. Does anyone experience eye shake? when I try to fall asleep and close my eyes they go crazy. From that I sleep badly. Has anyone encountered this symptom? what helped you? i am on 2 month hppd. floaters, mild dp, mild vs. 100 lamotrigine. Tried kava kava seems to worsen the symptoms. Please write if you at least heard that someone had a similar symptom. It doesn't seem to be caused by lamictal, stress, etc. Thanks everyone. written using a translator
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