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Anyone try CBD for their palinopsia or visual snow?


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I've been reading up on a lot of different supplements, most don't seem to have solid evidence to ensure me they wont worsen my visual snow or palinopsia. I came across this article on CBD for visual snow related to migraines. Long story short, it mentions hyper excitability of neurons and how CBD (without THC) has been studied to help (If you've done as much reading as me you've probably come across something about hyper metabolism/excitability as a possible cause to HPPD symptoms).

Anyways, any one ever try CBD or HEMP? did it help or worsen your symptoms?   

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Even though the thread is older, the information and experiences shared by others can still be valuable. If you're considering trying CBD or hemp products, it's a good idea to look for updated information and recent studies to see if there have been any developments in the understanding of these treatments.And when it comes to exploring options, you can always keep an eye out for good offers on CBD and hemp products. They may have new products or insights that align with your interests.Ultimately, your health and well-being are a top priority, so continue seeking information and consulting with healthcare professionals as needed.

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