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  1. dephosporylation and phosphorylation (adding or removing a phosphate acts as an on/off switch; for some proteins its "on" others "off" and vice versa.... It's like a cascade of events, usually another protein known as a kinase would add the phosphate group, one the phosphate is added, the complex would work to stimulate something else (could be transcriptional changes, apoptosis, etc....) somewhere else along the cascade/pathway) From what I gather, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4381966/, it appears that if this protein is phosphorylated, it is inhibited. Dephosphorylated,
  2. You look like your pretty active on here. Have you ever tried CBD or HEMP (100% THC free only kinds) for your symptoms? Or heard of anyone trying these? 

    1. Fawkinchit


      No, I haven't. I wouldn't expect much from using them either. I believe they are just a fad right now.

  3. My initial symptoms I thought would just go away (you always read about how sometimes antidepressants/antianxiety meds can sometimes have side effects that subside so I figured that's what these symptoms were). First week I noticed only when writing that my hands were a little shaky. Eventually I developed visual snow in half my vision, saw colors vividly (as if on hallucinogens; never done any but I imagine that's what they see), and felt a sense of being afraid to be around people. Immediately stopped that crap and a week later I developed visual snow in all of my vision and have blue
  4. I've been reading up on a lot of different supplements, most don't seem to have solid evidence to ensure me they wont worsen my visual snow or palinopsia. I came across this article on CBD for visual snow related to migraines. Long story short, it mentions hyper excitability of neurons and how CBD (without THC) has been studied to help (If you've done as much reading as me you've probably come across something about hyper metabolism/excitability as a possible cause to HPPD symptoms). Anyways, any one ever try CBD or HEMP? did it help or worsen your symptoms?
  5. What would the best combo be for someone who needs to take their adhd meds? -right now I'm taking concerta and want to add on stratera but then I developed HPPD (not from concerta). Is there anything that can counteract any worsening of HPPD from adhd meds?
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