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Possible cure in the future?

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Ive had HPPD for about 3 months now and ive struggled going to school and getting through my days. Anxiety and Depression are killing me right now. I know there isint an established cure for HPPD as of now but does anyone think there ever will be? Maybe crainiotomy? Ive heard of a few sucsessful cases with that. Or will there ever be a medication that will cure it?

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Maybe. I think we will see improved treatments for sure but maybe not a cure.

Since you have only had it for 3 months I believe that there is a high chance that you will recover if you can control the anxiety. Thinking positivy in extremely important part of getting over a mental disorder. if you believe you will recover there is a good chance that you will.

Stop all drugs (it might be safe to drink AFTER you feel that you have recovered).

Ignore your visuals as much as you can. NEVER look for them. For now do whatever you have to to allieviate them (sunglasses, sleeping with a light on)

Reduce your anxiety as much as possible.

You might feel less anxious if you let the people around you know what you are going through. I told basically everyone I know and I think it has been less stressfull because of that. I am not a "druggie" and most of my friends do not aprove of drugs, but they were still generally supportfull.

Ive had HPPD for the past 2 months but in the last 2 weeks i have geatly improved. I finally feel like myself again I just get some ocassional afterimages and visual snow most of the time that its dark but even that has improved to the point where I feel like i could except it if didn't improve much more. I finnaly feel emotionall balanced again. i'm still a little more anxious than I had been before but dont feel derealization or depression much at all anymore. I have some really messed up sleep issues (hypnagogic halucinations) but I don't think you have to worry about that, It probably was something I was pre-disposed to and was triggered by the anxiety not the HPPD. the halucinations suck but they really aren't that bad now that I know that they're not schizophrenia.

If you talk more about your specific symptoms people might be able to help you more on here.

Good luck!

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I think there will be progress in the fields of depression, anxiety and epilepsy, which should help every hppd sufferer.

There are also some interesting non-benzos hopefully coming to market soon that have a much lower risk of addiction/tolerance and withdrawal.


If they can find something like klonopin that doesn't build tolerance.... I would consider that a cure. Thankfully, there is ALOT of money to be made from anti-anxiety meds... So we can be sure that people are working on it.

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Craniotomy is not a cure man, you read that from someone called zach seif if im not mistaken on the shroomery..or blulight? His posted shit has been proven to be highly unreliable and hes actually contradicted himself a bunch of times.

I read all that, left his phone number and Facebook details as well. Some people claim they talked to him. But he contradicts himself a lot as well, actually saying something else cured him on a thread on here which I read. It's all very suspect ... but why would someone post all that?


Cure? Maybe one day, but it is a long way off I think. And it all depends what the mechanisms behind HPPD are. There are some theories, but nobody actually knows what's gone wrong with our visual processing system. Maybe when brain scanning techniques advance, we will be able to get a better picture. Maybe if someone with HPPD has their brain disected when they die, that would reveal some info.

Other medical advances will surely help too. I believe Dr. Abraham is trying to obtain funding for research into the genetic side of HPPD.

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