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Hello...! (sad to be here)


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Hi my name is Emil and I'm from Sweden. My symptoms started in March this year after a few small doses of mushrooms. The initial symptoms were some floaters and visual snow when looking at bright light, but quite mild. Then I smoked some weed in the summer because I felt really shitty (bad idea) and it got worse, things started moving around (sort of floating around) in my field of vision even thuough objects were still. I then read some positive stories about CBD and hppd and I decided to try that, but it got even worse again, about a week back. Now things are not only moving around, I also have a very hard time to focus on a single point, for example eyes when having eye contact with people. It's as though my brain is lagging trying to focus on a single point, a visual jerking of some sort. This is my biggest problem, the rest I can handle well. And when things are moving in my field of vision I have almost no problems, the brain seems to like movement. So I prefer either moving myself or being around some kind of visual movement, which fortunately usually is the case during my day.

I'd say my symptoms are fairly severe, perhaps in the middle of the scale. Hope to gain some knowledge being on this site. Has anyone here had problems with focusing the eyes on a single point, and gotten better?

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Welcome Emil. Hopefully these new symptoms die down after a few weeks, CBD can have some strange effects on some of us, but i don't think it will cause long term damage. I would try to stay away from any meds and cures, for now, and start to get used to your baseline. You clearly (like so many of us) do not tolerate any sort of stimulus in the body, so total sobriety is the best step, for now... If you are still feeling bad in a few weeks/months, then start to think about the next steps.

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Hey dude, I totally relate to the can't focus on a single point. I had it from day one and it was horrible at first, I couldn't focus for more than a second, it physically hurted. 3 years later it has gotten better but still it's unconfortable to focus 😕 If I focus too long things start to morph and all

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