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Medical tests that can be done to verify HPPD?

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Hey everyone, I’m currently in India on a trip with family that’s partly for graduating high school, but mostly for getting medical tests done. I told my parents that I didn’t know what I could get done to find out how my brain changed after my OD on nBOME, but they told me that they’d try to get some brain scans and blood tests to see if there were any changes or permanent damage. Are there any medical tests that would pick up on my HPPD? 

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I had many qEEGs done and a Tailored form of TMS. The doctor said my qEEG was unusual and not only that but a Or today my brain was hyper resistant to the therapy which he had not seen in any patients and he was doing a clinical trial along with treating thousands of patients. He also said that depending on the time of day, my scan looked completely different. He said one scan looked okay and I complained about how TERRIBLE I felt so he did another at a time of day we didn’t normally do, not with any time theory in mind, and it looked completely different. He said it was highly unusual. I just said “yea don’t take lsd”

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