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  1. Hey everyone, it's been a long time since I came back to this forum, haven't come on here in a while since I completely forgot about my HPPD for a bit. I've laid off all drugs and alcohol (even caffeine) for at least the past year and I feel pretty good. My symptoms are almost nonexistent, the one thing that's still around is the visual snow but I also don't notice it unless I try or if I'm looking at a solid color. From what I've gathered from some facebook users that got HPPD from the same drug I did (nBOME), the visual snow is there to stay but it's honestly fine at this point. The only thi
  2. I got my HPPD from nBOME as a disclaimer. the only real shitty symptoms that interfere with my life are sudden flashbacks if I’m sleep deprived. It’s making me reconsider my path to med school since sleep loss is basically mandatory even though the flashbacks are rare (happens maybe once every 2 months, it’s been less common as time goes by so hopefully it’ll phase out). Other than that, I’ve gotten used to everything else. The anxiety I used to have is unnoticeable, as are the visuals and thought loops. This doesn’t mean they’re gone, it just means that I have to focus on them for them t
  3. Just to clarify, the protocol is fully developed? If so, that’s amazing. I’m a bit skeptic though since each drug causes different types of HPPD. I got mine from nBOME, and it seems like the effects and severity are different from HPPD from other drugs. It makes me wonder whether or not this research protocol will help me, although any research on finding a cure or better treatment is always welcomed. Do you have a timeframe for how long it may take for the research protocol to be released/worked on? I’d be willing to do anything I could to help, although there isn’t much I can do immediately
  4. I drank 3 shots of 7% alcohol at a friend's place 2 days ago (not a smart thing to do since I have HPPD but I wanted to see if a small amount of alcohol would cause problems), resulting in me feeling mentally foggy and 'out of it' compared to my usual self. My visuals are slightly more noticeable as well, but it's nothing debilitating. I expected to be fine after drinking such a small amount of low-percentage alcohol since I had drunk whiskey on a plane about 2-3 weeks prior and had no noticeable issues later on. That isn't the main issue though. In the past 2 days, I've experienced a sp
  5. Hey everyone, I’m currently in India on a trip with family that’s partly for graduating high school, but mostly for getting medical tests done. I told my parents that I didn’t know what I could get done to find out how my brain changed after my OD on nBOME, but they told me that they’d try to get some brain scans and blood tests to see if there were any changes or permanent damage. Are there any medical tests that would pick up on my HPPD?
  6. Hey everyone! I’ve had HPPD for a little under a year now (OD’d in early August), I’m pretty lucky considering that the drug I took was nBOME and HPPD is all that I have as a long term sideeffect. This was the second time I took this drug, and I didn’t take it knowing it was nBOME though I suspected it was. I’m an 18 year old and I’ve had HPPD since I was 17. After my first trip on this drug (1 tab) I experienced very minor HPPD, I had no noticeable personality changes and the only thing that really happened was an isolated feeling of tripping in my left thigh (very weird). It didn’t bug
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