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Head,face, eyes pressure

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Hey guys,

I have HPPD since a just little more than 2 years now (happy birthday to it), and the symptom that get in the way of living  a normal life the most is pressure in head and around the eyes(my vision is foggy according to how much pressure I feel, the rare moments when I have no pressure my vision is clear) Ofc I did all the classic exams which all came back fine lol.

 I would like to know how many of you have this too ? And have you found some ways to relieve this ? So far only caffeine proved to be helpful to an extent

I don't mean this to disrespect people who have "only" visual symptoms but I could live with them if I didn't had this constant pressure in my face

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I have sinus problems during the winter.  It feels like pressure around the eyes and on both sides of the nose.  Vitamin C acts as a antihistamine and it seems to help.  I take a gram in the morning and a gram at night (orally).   I can't take antihistamines like pseudoephedrine because it reacts like jittery speed in my nervous system.

I think my sinus pressure is due to allergies.  I started about five years ago.  I think I'm just allergic to winter.  Too dark, too cold.

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