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More people I know have this than I thought.


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When I first dropped I assumed hppd was someting that almost no people actually had. A good amount of my friends have also tried Lucy and ever since I have been telling people I’m never dropping again because of my symptoms  I’ve had a lot of people tell me they have effects too. One friend has light tracers which he actually likes. Another has bad visual snow which caused him to completely stop smoking weed (he used to be a huge stoner). He still does shrooms though. One more friend has such bad halos and tracers that he no longer drives at night at all, cause he can’t see with all the headlights. This is all from maybe 15-20 people I know who have dropped. I would’ve never known if I hadn’t told them about my symptoms and had them confide in me. I think this might be way more common than people think, it just doesn’t bother some people enough to do anything about it. Just sharing cause I thought it was interesting.

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hi billy, yea...  two of my friends have also had mild hppd visual symptoms but no dpdr or anxiety issues... that's from a group of about 20 of us that all did lsd and mdma. 2 also got psychosis. 

My one friend who gets hppd visuals and knows about my issues still blasts a lot of ket and now dmt, stresses me out, but what can you do. 

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I'm still in touch with a number of people I used to dose with.  None of them have anything like I have.  However, all of these people report that psychedelics changed the way they think and the way they view the world.   I think such a powerful experience changes everyone in some way.  

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