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is this a bad idea?


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Hi, I'm new to this forum

My condition started 1 year ago when I snorted 60mg of 2C-B, that night I had a horrible bad trip that ended in a panic attack and a visit to the hospital

since that day I have anxiety problems, but I never had HPPD, visual snow, depersonalization / derealization, so I consider myself lucky !!!
my symptoms have been more like traditional anxiety: chest pain, insomnia, fear of dying, muscle twitching, racing thoughts, nightmares, myoclonus (jerking when trying to sleep), shortness of breath, panic attacks the first few months...I think I have some form of PTSD caused by this bad trip

I've been sober for almost 9 months and the only symptom I have now is muscle twitching (like fasciculations)... it's not a big deal, so I have a pretty normal life to be honest, I cannot complain.
but if I drink alcohol/caffeine my anxiety increases the following days, and some old symptoms return.

So I was wondering how bad it would be get drunk once a month and cut the anxiety of the following days with clonazepam? 

(I can handle 2 beers without problem, but if I took more I may have some anxiety problems the following days)

What do you guys think, is not worth it?
Can my condition evolve into HPPD just because of alcohol?

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I would try to avoid getting full on drunk, as that has shown to have caused prolonged spikes in some people here. 

We're all different, but I think the pros of enjoying a few beers outweigh the cons... and yes, I blast the hangovers with clonazepam too. 

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While alcohol is a solution, it's just not the solution.  Sorry, something in me always compels me to be strange.

I don't drink anymore because I can't control it.  I inevitably drink too much.  Most people can have a few drinks and that's enough.  If a drink or two relaxes you and makes you feel better I doubt that would be a problem.  If it starts taking control, like any drug, it's time to hang it up.  Too much alcohol can make anxiety worse and it's easy to fall into a bad cycle where alcohol is the problem and the solution.  

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