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Travelling with HPPD.

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For work I travel to the Czech Republic roughly every three months.  The first trip anywhere, for anyone, can be anxious.  Most of the people you encounter in Europe speak english.  If that's your primary language it shouldn't be a problem.  Just relax and take it as it comes.  Keep reminding yourself everything will be ok.  The world has gotten smaller and foreign lands are familiar.  In Prague Starbucks is a common sight.  Traveling on a plane can be an anxious experience.  I load music that I love  on my phone and try to forget where I am.  Yes, planes are weird, but they're very safe.  Airports a just a pain in the ass, but if you stay calm, they're easy to navigate.

Enjoy your travels.  Having this disorder doesn't mean you can't have a wonderful journey.

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& thanks for your advice @MadDoc. I know talk english, but I think I know writte it better. I want to go to Sweden. Until I know, there are lot of people who talks english and this is good, but I hadn't never before go to other country lonely. Just want to go to get relax and looking for new experiences, meet Zlatan house (I love Zlatan Ibrahimovic, football player) and meet a girl from there.

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