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Possible to get symptoms 10 months after tripping?


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Hello Everyone!

I am new to this forum so thanks in advanced for taking the time to read this post and help me out. I truly appreciate it!

Little background about my drug use. I first tripped LSD when I started college about 3 years ago. Since then, I've done acid about 20 times and shrooms twice. Last time I tripped was technically 7 months ago, but I had no visuals and a very very light body high. The time before that was about 10 months ago. I use cannabis almost every day.

I have been dealing with some mild anxiety recently for about two months, and I've noticed more floaters and blue field phenomenon more than usual. Ive seen an eye specialist who says everything is fine. Sometimes if I zone out hard enough, I can see surfaces drifting and moving slightly. I can also see afterimages very quickly but only rarely if Im really anxious and that goes away when I calm down. I dont see trails, fractals, or feel any DP/DR. I feel dissociated slightly sometimes but I can get myself out of it and my psychologist says that has to do with my brain coping with anxiety and not possible HPPD. 

I guess my main question is, is it still possible for me to get HPPD if I abstain from any other psych use? (I know weed is a psychedelic, but Im talking about acid and shrooms). Im definitely not gonna trip ever again, and I dont think I have HPPD right now (and if I do, its very very mild and not noticeable when I'm calm). Is it possible to develop HPPD months or even years after psych use? Should I be abstaining from all other drugs (weed, alcohol, caffiene) to lower my risk? If anyone has ever developed HPPD so long after tripping, please share. Thanks for reading!

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Hi there !

I'm sorry to hear about your symptoms. I have seen several reports of people starting to notice HPPD symptoms months after their last trip, so in that regard, it looks like it is possible to get HPPD even months after the last drug intake. Maybe some fellow members can elaborate on this, maybe it happened to a few of them.

When it comes to drug consumption, there is always one and only one answer: Discontinue all drug use. Especially weed (and hallucinogens obviously...... but you know that already.).

Everyone has different reactions to different substances, let it be cannabis, caffeine, alcohol or others. Usually the ones to stay furthest away from are usually stimulants and cannabis.

For many people including myself, alcohol is pretty tolerable as long as it is not consumed daily or in large amounts. If I consume large amounts of alcohol, I will usually see a slight decrease in visuals when drunk but the days following the binge will have exacerbated symptoms.

The best recipe I have for myself to keep visuals to the lowest level is :

-No drugs

-No legal stimulants (caffeine, lots of sugar like in energy drinks)

-Limit milk intake (I think calcium makes visuals worse, maybe @dasitmane can elaborate on that, he knows more than I do on the subject)

-Low level of stress (keep calm at work even in uncomfortable situations)

-SLEEP (Written in caps because it is very important for me)


That's all I could come up with right now, hope it helps. Stay strong !

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Thanks a ton for your response! I'm pretty sure I don't have HPPD. People say that if your symptoms are not apparent enough that you dont have to look for them, then you probably dont have it. Since I am constantly "searching" for disturbances in my vision, I guess I dont have it. According to the other cases you were mentioning, what was the max amount of time someone has gone without symptoms showing up (how long was the onset)? 3 months? 6 months? Additionally, have you heard/read of anyone getting it 10 months after tripping or even later? 

Im trying to be reasonable because i know several people who have tripped and not cut out cannabis because they dont have HPPD. I am scared that I might develop it but how long do I have to go on living in fear before I know Im clear of ever developing it? 

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I have open eye visuals and have had them for a long time.  Most of the time I can ignore them.  However cannabis makes them go out of control.  I've only indulged a handful of times since i "quit" and each time it's a train wreck.  I used to smoke all day long, every day.  Try abstaining  from weed, at least for a while, to see how you're doing.  You never know, your symptoms may clear up.  At a minimum, you can eliminate weed as the cause.

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When I had gone months without tripping.. after eating shrooms regularly and up to 14 grams at once as well as 8 hits of Lsd 3 grams an ecstasy pill and nitrous balloons. I was losing it. Seeing people for who they are without ever meeting them breathing walls carpets moving etc. I told my parents and they did whAt any parent would do. Psychiatrist. They thought I was trying to get Xanax and gave me some placebo drug sugar pill. It didn’t work. I even told them I thought I had HPPD. They hadn’t heard of it. It can be tough but finding a way into normal peoples existence is possible. I like to think of it as being a chameleon. 

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