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has anyone tried tegratol (carbamazapine)

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this is something ive just remembered from the very beginning of my troubles

tegratol may be its british brand name im not sure.. but it is used often for epilepsy, and also mood disorders

i havent been prescribed it but my boyfriend at the time my whole hppd started, but i hadnt figured out it was hppd, was epileptic, and gave me some after i found online that a girl was being prescribed it after shed started gettin 'regular flashbacks' when she was spiked at a party, just the once, and actually it worked brilliantly!!

visuals pretty much completely went, (and this was towards the beginning when i was living in a permanently aciddy and anxious world) it was actually the first relief from my symptoms since they started happening, it was at its worst and had been none stop for about 2 months or something

just wondering as ive seen absolutely no mention of it on here

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in theory, it should have some help, it was a rough med, trileptal is suppose to be it's related cousin with less side effects. It makes you hear sound off tune, literally, I didn't stick with it, kinda rough, but in theory, it should have some help but it seems like there's better choices now

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