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The Alchemy of Guilt

Guilt and HPPD  

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  1. 1. Do you have HPPD and:

    • Feel significant guilt/shame around some aspect of your life that may be connected to drugs (ie, religion)
    • Not feel significant guilt/shame

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One of my therapists got me thinking about the role that guilt may play in sustaining my HPPD. I've realized that my obsession with my "HPPD" - visual in my case (for more info see here) - is connected to a general feeling of guilt for doing drugs and doing other things that go strongly against my religious upbringing. I'm wondering if the fixation on various parts of my body is a sort of "alchemy of guilt" - intense guilt finding its way into an obsession over physical phenomena. Please answer the poll, curious about this! Feel free to ask questions if you're not clear where I'm coming from. 

Thanks =)

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Us humans can often feel guilty about things we've done that we're not proud of, failures, missed opportunities, etc.  Feeling guilty about using drugs may be directing your focus toward your symptoms.  One of the ways I've dealt with this disorder is to set my focus away from my symptoms.  If you think in a religious framework perhaps focusing on self forgiveness and prayer may help.   

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I myself indeed am guilty for using drugs that harmed me. I accept that guilt and do what I can now to make reparations to myself and others. I believe it is very liberating and healing to admit our mistake especially one that has caused so much harm.


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