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I have read up on HPPD and am certain I have it now. I have used lots of drugs in past, MD,Ket,methodrone, acid, shrooms.. etc.

Basically I hallucinated really bad about week ago while high on MD & Ket. I think caused me to develop HPPD.

If look up into bright sky I see loads particles floating in sky in my vision. This doesn't bother me just pointing it out.

I don't enjoy smoking weed anymore because I get such strong visuals now. Best way I can describe it is, flashing multi colours in my vision, almost like auras/light emitting off people, fast heart rate, and just feels uncomfortable when I get high. 

I smoked weed pretty much every day for the past 2 years, I have stopped smoking weed now. Will I ever be able enjoy getting stoned again ?

Also I read that alcohol can worsen the effects. I feel quite good atm and I'm not smoking weed for a good while.my birthday is next week should i be alright to  drink alcohol ?

Thanks for any advice :-D



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Abstinence is really best.... especially at the beginning of this journey. At the same time—-you gotta live. Clearly you want to have some fun! Just take it slow. Back in the day alcohol never really permanently worsened my symptoms. But I got tired of the increased anxiety and hangovers so I quit completely. It’s difficult, but after some time sober you relearn how to have fun without alcohol. Remember what you did as a kid—you weren’t drinking then! (I hope)




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A week?  Give you self a little time to allow your brain to bounce back.  There can be lingering after effects after an intense experience.  Staying clean for a while is great advice.  Give your mind and body some time to level out.

As for alcohol.  I drank pretty heavily after I stopped dosing to deal with the anxiety.  I don't think it made my symptoms worse and it masked them somewhat.  However, when I stopped drinking all of my issues were there waiting for me.  

As for weed.  I could never go back to it once it started making me feel anxious.  Lots of people have a similar reaction to weed over time.


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