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HPPD advice plese


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Hey guys sorry for bad english

I am 16 years old and got hppd from lsd bad trip on new year it isn't so sever but i am a little bit scared. My symptoms include:

Visual snow mild

Light sensitivity mild

Tracers mild


Halos around street lights 

Litle bit of afterimages


If you want to know how i got rid of 90% anxiety reply so do you guys think it will go away because i hav seen improvments around like 5%


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It's ok to be scared.  But try not to focus on your symptoms too much.  Doing so can make them seem worse than they are.  The best thing to do is do not take any psychoactive drugs and that includes cannabis.  For many with this disorder cannabis greatly amplifies the symptoms.  It gives me panic attacks as well.

You didn't mention how often or how many times you've dosed.  A good rule of thumb is "the fewer the better".   Don't panic, take care of yourself, stay sober, and stay focused.  There's a good chance your symptoms will start to fade.  Give it time.

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Man thank you so much i really respet your replly

I dosed about 20 times in 1/2 year and i didnt smok canabis 7 months before new year only thing i did eas acid but i really have strong hope for recovery man if you want to know how i got rid of anxiety you can dm me on instagram

I did drugs roughly 1 year and smoked cannabis 1 1/2 but like 3-4 days a week

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