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  1. Is it okay to have like few beers because i go clubbing very often but i don't drink everytime
  2. Try it man i did listen to this 2 times it cleared up like 5% in 1 day
  3. Hey guys i think i found the triger for recovery sorry for bad engrish This is called subliminal audio i has been known to cure many physical and mental problems so i ascume that this would help. I know this sounds like placebo but it is not i know because you can hear those voices in the video here is the video and update if it helps instructions are in the desciption
  4. Man thank you so much i really respet your replly I dosed about 20 times in 1/2 year and i didnt smok canabis 7 months before new year only thing i did eas acid but i really have strong hope for recovery man if you want to know how i got rid of anxiety you can dm me on instagram I did drugs roughly 1 year and smoked cannabis 1 1/2 but like 3-4 days a week
  5. Hey guys sorry for bad english I am 16 years old and got hppd from lsd bad trip on new year it isn't so sever but i am a little bit scared. My symptoms include: Visual snow mild Light sensitivity mild Tracers mild Starbursts Halos around street lights Litle bit of afterimages Tinnitus If you want to know how i got rid of 90% anxiety reply so do you guys think it will go away because i hav seen improvments around like 5%
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