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Anxiety Treatments


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Best thing that helped my anxiety was diet. I'm convinced I had underlying inflammation which triggered anxiety my whole life and played the key role in getting HPPD. Once I went paleo, stopped eating processed foods and added sugar, my anxiety completely disappeared. Recently I have been diagnosed with inflammation in my stomach and what do you know, anxiety was back again like clockwork. Also, meditation and therapy worked wonders for me. If you do a combination of all those, plus exercise and stay active socially you won't need pills. Whatever you do, if you do decide to go the pill route, stay away from benzos unless you're really disciplined and can handle it. 

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I've never taken medication for this disorder.  This isn't because I'm a strong person.  Instead I didn't have access to competent medical professionals who could help.  In the 80s hppd just wasn't a thing.  So what helped?  Simply put, meditation.  I realize I say this in every post.  That being said, it helps.  It not only helps I think it made life possible.  It doesn't cost anything, you don't need crystals or a guru.  It's something we can all do and it works.  At least it did for me.  We have the ability to control our reality.  However, one must commit to it.  Just like learning how to play an instrument or learning a new skill one has to work at it.  Ok, I'll step off my soapbox once again.

I agree with KB.  taking care of your body is important.  Diet is part of being well. 

Not sure if that helps, but it's the path I chose. 



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I find diet really helps too. I’ve cut out sugar the past year and gluten for the past few and it makes a big difference in my life. There’s some good research on the keto diet being good for anxiety (it helps with seizures so it definitely reduces excitability). 


Other things that have helped for me: 

1) Wellbutrin: ironically this allowed me not have to take benzos at all during the daytime and helped me begin my taper again. Seems counterintuitive as it’s a stimulant... can’t say why.


2) bpc-157: there’s some promising research out there about this peptides ability to reset tolerance to gaba drugs. It certainly helped mine. 


3) inositol: this helps me... but for many others it makes it much worse. I don’t recommend it unless you’re feeling like taking a risk. 


4) go on a walk. It actually works. 


5) I bought a dog! One of the best things I’ve done for my anxiety. 

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