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back on forums after few years

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I've been on this forums few years ago and some users may still remember me.

I would like to start from my symptoms which are not exactly the same like the other users.

I'm depressed, anxious especially in social situations,also I have diagnosed personality disorder from many years. I was treated for this condition for very long time, since now and never felt any relief.

Last time when I visited my doctor I told him that I no longer believe in that my personality is my only problem. He's about to prescribe me clonozopinum and he states that this have to work, although only klonopin was giving me some relief in my entire life. The good news is that he is going to check what HPPD is.

During writing this post  I'm experiencing pain of my muscles of my jaw which shakes 24h per day as if I was coming out of from cold water

I really struggle to write something sensible, especially not in my native language. I have problems with understanding, focus, reading and have this feeling that I could beat all these weird things which are ruining my life if I could focus, concentrate.

but to be honest I'm not sure of anything


I'm not sure if description of my last trip would be useful, as for now I would like to avoid it.

Tell me guys what do you think about this because I don't feel as good to be a doctor for myself.

What pills should I try at the beginning. I doubt that he would prescribe me klonopin since I was addicted to it.

Also my EEG shows some unwanted anomalies, I was treated for epilepsy in some part of my life which I don't have.

EDIT: I'm taking amisulpryd and finlepsin. The only thing that is taking me out from these feelings for an hour or more is gym. Every time I exercise I feel relief and I recover my mind. I experience afterimages

Kind Regards

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I have just came from my doc, he prescribed me biggers dosages of finlepsin and aimsulpryd. Next visit will be after a month, he claims that I'm close to psychotic state.

I'm not sure about anything, going to do whatever he recommends because I don't see any alternative.

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Don;t let doctors dictate your condition... If you think you have hppd, keep changing doctors until you find one that believe you and is willing to learn about it. Doctors will often say you are psycotic or depressed, it is easier for them to understand and "treat" (even if it makes you worse)

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2 hours ago, Jay1 said:

Don;t let doctors dictate your condition... If you think you have hppd, keep changing doctors until you find one that believe you and is willing to learn about it. Doctors will often say you are psycotic or depressed, it is easier for them to understand and "treat" (even if it makes you worse)

First of all  thank you for the answer. I will consider changing doctor but since it is my doc from 2016 I would like to prove him somehow that HPPD exists and it's treated by other meds than anti psychotic(he thinks it's the same condition which he learned in medical school). Are there solid proofs of exisiting HPPD?

Are there any studies of the treatment?

I would like to be extremely prepared for the next visit to avoid treatment for conditions which are not related to me.


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I’ve had a lot of muscle issues from hppd as well. Full body muscle tension and complete shut down of my intestinal muscles after mushrooms. Baclofen got rid of the muscle tension and restored my cognitive functioning in many ways but gave me two years of complete anhedonia after 8 months at doses starting at 5mg that ended at 100mg. 


I also had muscle twitching. That sounds a bit more in line with your muscle issues. One week of sinemet cured my full body fasciculations. It also caused some psoriasis but I’m managing that with cream. Probably better than twitching all the time haha. I think the reaction (psoriasis) was a rare thing though. 


Honestly i I don’t know what you should try. I’ve had good reactions to medications like keppra only to stop them due to side effects (hair loss, fibrotic tissue buildup). When I tried again it didn’t work. Sinemet helped for about a week emotionally then pooped out. 


The only thing ive found that helps is the following:

niacin (non flush): 750+mg daily. Helps with anxiety quite a bit. Haven’t had any negative side effects


inositol: 3-6g daily. Helps with anxiety and sleep. When hppd is in a hyper agrivated state, I can’t tolerate this supplement. It causes mania like symptoms and extreme anxiety. You’ll know on your first dose if this will happen. Fortunately the effects, of negative, will be brief and only last the day in my case. 


Gabapentin: good for sleep and anxiety as well as mood. Not for long term use. Withdrawals are terrible.


baclofen: I think small trials with this drug could help restore higher levels of acetylcholine in the brain. Don’t overdue it. And don’t use habitually—withdrawals can be rough (no where near as bad as benzos though). 


Bpc-157: this medication is one I’ve had more success than anything else in terms of benifits vs side effects (I’ve had 0 sides). It works on many different mechanisms. Almost too many to count. But the two that interest me the most is the stabilization effect on dopamine receptors (restore normal functioning after excessive dopamine release due to amphetamines or I believe really any drug) and the effect on the 5ht2a receptor (lsd hits this one hard). Bpc-157 is able to reduce the functioning of the 5ht2a receptor without agonizing or antagonizing it. Since elevates levels of 5ht2a is directly correlated to depression, I believe this helps greatly in managing symptoms. It’s given me my life back in many ways that I couldn’t have dreamt of. It’s by no means a miracle cure, but it’s doing a damn good job. I take 500mcg a day subcutaneously. If you would like my source, feel free to message me. 


Wellbutrin: some people say this increases anxiety. I find it helps mine. I need less anti anxiety medication when on a low low dose (25mg a day). Unfortunately, it also causes heartburn, minor irritability, and delayed sleep onset for me. 


Cbd: this was great for anxiety reduction and sleep. Tolerance was an issue though and the 5ht2c agonizaion lead to social aversion and social anxiety. This is unusual for most people. Normally it’s the opposite. 


Dl-phenylalanine: 100-300mg a day, 3 days on 3 days off for tolerance management. Gives me energy and mood boosts. Can keep awake longer than usual.


L-glutamine: 100-300mg daily; 3 days on 3 days off for tolerance. Helps with energy, memory, and most of all depersonalization for me. 


Ashwaghanda: provides relaxation and a milder alternative to benzos. Taken once every 2-3 days. 


Ketogenic diet: I find this diet to be anti anxiety and help with mood swings


Eat vegetables. Trust me on this one. Most people, even if they are “normal”, don’t eat well enough and this will make anyone feel like crap.


Whenever you feel like you can take advantage of a good day, use it to socialize. Human contact can be the most therapeutic thing on this planet and we all need it to be happy. 


Thats TD all I got for now that I can recommend. These won’t cure you, but Many will help you live a more normal life. 

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