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Graduated college!


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Well, can't really believe it but I finally have graduated college. Took six years but I finally made it out with a degree in Supply Chain Management and Marketing. So if I can make it so can any of you guys! I got HPPD 3 months into my freshman year in college so I had it most of my college life. If you were to ask me 4 years if I was going to make it this far I would have been very skeptical.

Anyways, for the past three months i've managed to work 30+ hours a week while being at school 30+ hours a week then homework and studying on top of that. Been hectic to say the least. Now, I'm leaving soon to backpack through South America for at least a month and feed the soul a bit. Really excited and hoping everything goes smooth. Trying my best to ignore HPPD and move along with my life!

Hope everyone is doing well. Just some encouragement for anyone battling hppd and finals right about now!

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Keep it up Boogres, you're almost there man!

Ya there's always hope you just got to fake it till you make sometimes. Maybe I can get paid over

Minimum wage now! Even though I did not enjoy school I was forced to learn a lot. I gave at least 15 presentations in the last semester alone and it helps foster more confidence in the end. Those of who you who are new to hppd, treat yourself well and follow your dreams- who knows you just might make it.

Well, im junping on a plane to the southern hemisphere today. Take care everyone.

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Ludwig very inspiring to hear! Congratulations. You too Boogres. I've been living with HPPD for a year and some months now, and have been unemployed and out of school most of that time. A year ago going back to school was not an option at all to me, but wouldn't you know it, i'm all signed up and paid for to start back into college with a couple classes starting next month. I'm stoked.

Side note: Damn school is expensive.

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Congratulations! It is definitely a challenge to operate in this world with HPPD. I was very discouraged the 1st 2yrs, but then I just started trying things. I'm a singer-songwriter and I just started back playing in clubs. It's really weird when I get on stage because the lights a are so bright it's like I'm in one big bright light and I can barely see the mic in front of me. But if you think about it music comes from your heart and soul and I just close my eyes and play and it's alright.

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Hey congrats! I got my HPPD toward the end of my freshman year of college, and my biggest worry was that I'd be screwed for all practical things like school work and a job. That was five and a half years ago, and I finished undergrad with perfect grades, did a master's and am now in a graduate program -- all of that with a case of HPPD that, visually, is probably the worst I've heard of.

You just gotta keep treckin'

Congrats again!

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Well i'm back from South America! One month turned into two months as things were going well and I wasn't too keen on returning until I was out of money. It was an incredible trip and I recommend backpacking to anyone. When you need to survive on your own in countries where you don't know where you are or speak the language well - things get put into perspective.. Plus when traveling alone you meet tons of amazing people with great stories... Hppd still there of course and I totally came off my ketogenic/candida diet for the last 2 months but cheap meals always include tons of carbs like rice, breads etc. So no choice..But hopefully not set to far back.

Anyways, really impressive Comfortably Numb (love floyd too)- you are my inspiration at this point as I have no desire to head on to graduates school. At least not yet!

Keep at it Broccoli you'll be done before you know it!

Alisa- played my first open mic night a few months before I left and had a similar experience. A quite liberating moment! I'm a terrible singer but I enjoy playing guitar and trying to sing!

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