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Do i have HPPD or some panik disorder?

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Dear Fellow Hppdler!

So iam a hppd newbie , i've had it since this march. so roughly 5 Months.

I actually just want to ask you if my symptoms are Hppd, or pre hppd, PTSD or whatever!


NO visual snow! NO trailing! NO afterimages!

The only Vision related things are:

Increase of colour , eg trafficlights

But somehow only bright colors do increase^^, weird stuff ^^ Normal colors look normal

My vision got worse, like my general eyesight got worse.


Then i also got DR , but no DP!

Actually only the derealisation bothers me...

It got better during the months, but the DR did only slightly decrease.


Do you think this is Hppd?

Iam not sure about this, i got my hppd from some horrific lsd trip , so may i just have a trip related trauma? and my mind is trying to protect itself from it by going in DR mode?


PS: of couse i stopped ALL drug use since then



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I'm not qualified to make a diagnosis but if you're having long term perceptual anomolies after using psychedelics, that's a warning sign.  We all react to extreme experiences in different ways.  If you had a really bad trip I can see how that might cause PTSD like symptoms.  I can't say from experience because I never really had a bad trip.

You're doing the single best thing you can do for yourself, staying sober.

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