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  1. Nah man. I was also 15 at the time. Im also much better now then i was back then. Only have a little Visual Snow left. My dpdr is pretty much gone 2 so im good. If you stay positive and sober it gets better with time in many cases i belive. Never give up!
  2. So ur dpdr has now gone away. Ive had dpdr 24/7 for 1 year now. Hppd u Will forget for sure but dpdr sucks and im afraid mine never Will go away
  3. I have it still. But i dont Think about my hppd at all. Only dpdr. But my worst symptom of hppd is gone. Breathing walls.
  4. Hi. It Will get easyer with time.. i have hppd from weed AS Well and Ive had it for 1 year now. I also have dpdr. Do u also have that or just hppd?
  5. Hey dude i have hppd to and Got it from smoking weed u Can send me a text if u wanna talk
  6. What u Think about this @TheMythos
  7. IM NOT sure its just anxiety mabye its a part of my hppd because in my High i had bad DR so mabye my brain cant get out of the High and stays in dpdr. Im very afraid that this is why
  8. So i wanna know if anyone has recoverd from 24/7 and is totally normal now just with visuals
  9. no not the same and i dont know if it was
  10. my friend is phycotic from weed. its total different. she is seeng shit like full blown monsters. and hearing shit
  11. i dont have phycocis dude haha. anyone who has dpdr feel like there in a dream. plz dont scare me like this its my biggest worry. i am stressed and i dont do drugs or caffein
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