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How to take klonopin

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Preferably in handfuls. Joking.  



Take it in small chips, to take the edge off.  If you have 0.5mg pills literally bite off a chip of it.  You don't want it to sedate you throughout the day though.  And I know people with HPPD are sensitive to all drugs for the most part. 

Leave the rest for before sleep.  Or if you don't need it for sleep, literally take it when needed. 


Note: the odd thing with Clonazepam (which is not the case for Lorazepam and Diazepam) is that it takes like an hour to kick in.  So you can see the deal with that:  you have some weird visuals, you take the Klonopin, you have to wait an hour and perhaps the Klonopin doesn't even tame the visuals. That being said Klonopin is a pretty damn safe drug (if not mixed with other things). 

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I took 4mg of klono the first night, no affects followed the next day. Took 1mg a few days ago and had extreme rebound anxiety and paranoia the day after. I also took 4mg of lorazepam(ativan) a week prior to the 4mg of klonopin. Im not trying to step on anyones toes but i see the argument wether or not if benzos are addictive or a dependent, and if i had to choose id say dependent. I dont see how anyone would want to long term use with these. As a matter of fact id almost prefer not to take benzos. Ive read that in most cases whoever has taken klono has been extremely helpful to them, i for one am not an example. I wonder what that means in terms of my "hppd" 

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Damn man 4 mg? Starting out half a mg did the job for me now I pop a 1 whenever the anxiety becomes too much.

I'm surprised it didn't knock your ass out.

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4mg is 'a lot'.  But unless you have COPD or take it with opiates, alcohol or barbiturates, Klonopin in particular is a super-safe drug!  


Snap-back anxiety is the issue!  If you run out of a prescript, the withdrawal is terrrible!!!  


I think the OD facts are like this: you would have to take 4,000 mg (or 4 grams) of Klonopin to have a 1% chance of dying. 


That is 1000x of a 4mg dose.


I do not suggest this btw.   But the reality of the situation is it would probably cost $50,000-$100,000 in Klonopin to kill you. 

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