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Pre hppd


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So I have been noticing VS. but no other symptoms of HPPD. It's been almost a year sense my last trip. I said I only trip about 3-4 times on LSD (RC) but now that I think of it, I probably did it 6-7 times. Is it possible that the hppd is coming slowly I just haven't got the full Hppd yet and it will probably come full blast by next year or something like that. I've been having bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad anxiety because I'm scared it's slowly coming. Or does it usally come faster and all at once. I'm scared and obsessing over this ever sense i saw that VS is a symptom. Please let me know. Sorry if I'm being a puss about it, I know there is a lot more people that have it x10 worse and is being more of a man about it then me.

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You are obsessing, no doubt about it.

The likelihood of it getting worse, without any additional drugs, is slim to none.

If you are staying away from drugs, then there are only a few things that could make your hppd worse.... SSRIs, heavy amounts of alcohol and stress. Avoid the first two and limit the last and you will not get worse. I would possibly look into CBT or something to try and get past the obsessive thoughts.

and no need to apologise about anything... The forum is here to support, not judge.

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Jay hit the nail on the head.  Just stop using psychoactive drugs.  I first noticed mild symptoms after my first use of LSD.  I continued using psychedelics for years and the visuals definitely got worse over time.  Sobriety is your best option.  Chances are, it won't get worse if you're clean.  Hang in there, it's going to be ok.  I've lived with visuals for some time and everything is fine.

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Well today the proscribed me Prozac(ssri). I just took one I hope it doesn't make me get full blown hppd. But I've tried everything for my depression/obsessiveThinking/badanxietyand nothing seems to work. I just think I'm not going to take the Prozac because I'm not going to be stupid and worsen my symptoms. That would just be dumb 

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