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keppra safety?

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I was wondering if anyone here has experienced permanent negative changes from using Keppra. I have a prescription and the success stories give me such hope of recovering some semblance of a normal life.... But I'm worried. Specifically because keppra is a racetam and oxiracetam and coluracetam made my HPPD 10000x worse permanently after stopping them suddenly. (At first they seemed to cure? Static, warping gone. Old memory back and ability to feel positive emotions back)

The question I'm asking myself is if I can afford to feel worse to which I answer no but... Can I afford to not feel better? It's been a year since I entered what I feel is the second tier of HPPD hell and I often feel like I shouldn't be alive. I'm not sure how much more my soul can take of this. Since the mechanism of action for both keppra and most racetams are pretty unknown does anyone have any advice or knowledge about their similarities or differences?

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