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Visual snow with blue dots

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My whole visual fields is a great swath of blue/green shapes. Dots, streaks, lines....it is my worst symptom and something that got progressively worse with MDMA use. Possibly your recent dabble with the cough medicine does something similar to MDMA, chemically.

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^^^^^ jay is your visual snow in daylight as well? I only get it in the dark with occasional swirls and streaks - can confirm mdma use has worsened it, recently since dabbling in a bit a few times in 10 months.

The more I think about it the worse it gets as well - learning to phase it out accept it and ignore it (when its possible) is when I start to notice after a few months that it has *so very slowly* reduced

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damn bummer to hear. I've spoken to various neurologists about drug induced visual snow and all have had different responses / spoken about different groups of people who've had it. They all think perception/anxiety plays a significant factor in it. More common than people think.

Yeah after a year I started settling in back into MDMA every now and then after I gave in to my groups fanatics, no increase etc... moved to the UK and did it a few times and began noticing increased symptoms last for a few days or so. Will try to restrain - since rent prices here are fucked up I don't think it'll be hard.

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