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Its been almost 6 years now..It gets BETTER :)


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Just thought I would give a small update..Its now been Almost 6 years... WOW...6 freaking years..I remember I used to be on this board from the first onset of "HPPD" and see guys posting about having this "condition" for 5-10 years..and think how the hell have these guys lived with themselves for that long. I pretty much still have every same symptom i started out with but its just 10x less noticeable to me now. 


To anyone that is new to this board and going through some dark shit, I promise this will get better. You will have your ups and downs through the Journey of HPPD. Just try as hard as you can and do everything that you can to forget about this stuff..do the things that you think you cannot do with these feelings of dp/dr and visuals and anxiety(other than drink of course). The more you dwell on this shit early on the worse it gets man..Trust me I dont have just mild symptoms either this shit I feel is as full blown as it gets but I have just learn to forget about even having it.. even for days sometimes.. 


Just thought I would come through shed some light for the newbies that if your scared, depressed and feeling alone..just know that you will get better..The WORST thing you can do is WAIT for it to get better to start enjoying your life..Just say fuck you to HPPD and be happy, go outside, exercise and just do whatever you want and honestly maybe take a break from this board..One thing I think really effected me negatively was obsessing over HPPD. I would be on this board every damn day 3x a day just looking for answers..dont get me wrong this is an awesome place for support and a lot of helpful threads here on how guys deal with there shit but it gets to a point where you can be visiting this board too much...and i felt what really helped me was just taking a break until I could just get my own emotions in check..


But yah that just a quick update on me..Everyone on here from what a remember is great awesome and supportive..If anyone has any questions feel free to ask..This is actually my first time on this board ina  while. I will try to stay some what active going forward



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