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Hey there,


I consider myself a success story at this point. My HPPD started almost exactly nine months ago after a particularly heavy night of partying, with an experience with a research chemical two weeks prior. It started off really mild, slight visual snow or buzzing; but it slowly either worsened or I just started noticing more over the course of three or four months. My symptoms were always somewhate mild but they were undoubtedly there. After-images, snow, ghosting, slight trails, minor fractals to name a few.


At the start I thought that the beginning of the end of my life had come. Not that I ever planned on killing myself but I thought that I was going to be limited to a life of depression and anxiety. All that has changed. At this current moment I've more or less completely gotten over anxiety concerning my condition; I've taken on an "it is what it is" mentality. While I still have some mild symptoms, the only two that I ever notice are negative afterimages and light sensitivity/starbursting. Both of these are perfectly manageable. As far as partying goes I've resumed my old drinking habits because it seems to have no effect at all, despite pretty heavy drinking on occasion. I know this may be naive but it honestly has no noticeable effect, and while it may seem dangerous to say, it helps with social situations since I am in university. I still haven't tried, nor do I plan on trying any time soon, any other drugs (weed, psychs, stimulants); it simply isn't worth it.


I have a beautiful girlfriend, I just got accepted into the college of my choice in my university, my social life is more active than it ever has been, life is good. I know that I'm somewhat lucky, but I think my situation can be learned from. I'm in no way cured or objectively recovered but I've mentally recovered and am living my life in full.


Stay strong, thank you for all that you have done and taught me.



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Congratulations man! Your situation is similar to mine, I got over the mild visuals with same mentality and I'm better than ever. Visuals should hopefully show some kind of diminishment - my neurologist said ignoring them helps these 'migraine-like visuals' go away. Shows what spending less time on the forum can do. Well done again!

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