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Goodbye, farewell and amen

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My appointment will be pointless cuz I won't be able to get my own meds prescribed, so it's time for plan B but that's if plan b will still happen. If I can't do plan b, then plan c is suicide if I can't get any meds. Im going to try to get my hands on other meds, maybe try to save up some cash and see where I can get some Lion's mane. I am going to start cracking down on my recovery. Going to try to eat healthier cuz barely eating at all is not really considered "eating healthy" and I am going to start going on long ass bike rides through the wetlands again to get those great feelings I would get. I am leaving social media as its kinda become pretty weird in the past couple weeks. I don't know if I should even go to my appointment since my mom says that she will not let me get prescribed anything so that's why I have to find other ways. Going to see if getting my mind off HPPD really helps so I'm going to leave this forum for a while

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