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LSD Research Crowdfunding

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How does anybody take precautions against hppd?

Shows you right there these guys don't know what they're doing but let's hope some good will come of it.

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The guy running this, professor Nutt, was the drugs tsar for our previous government in the UK. He was sacked after he said mdma is safer than alcohol. He is quite a controversial figure here.


In alot of ways, he is right... long term hppd is very, very rare in LSD users. 


Anyway, the research might show something we can work with, so let's see what happens. And I wouldn't wish this on anyone, but if one of those testers did get hppd, it would be blown up hugely in the UK media.

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I'm not sure it would be particularly beneficial to our group to donate to this. It would be better to donate to the 'visual snow syndrome' research.


Prof David Nutt is hugely biased towards the use of drugs as well, not always taking into account the health risks. There are various arguments but he seems pretty partisan in his views. Unfortunately this often happens with people with particular agendas. He was on 'Cannabis Live' on Channel 4 (UK) the other day and was really poor in his analysis I thought, though the program as a whole didn't give a particularly in-depth analysis of the situation.


I actually sent him a message about HPPD a few years ago, but surprise surprise, no reply.

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This condition is not rare, only grossly undereported. The case reports that David amassed are a testimony to my statement. Rare? The only thing rare about hppd are the number of medical practitioners and researchers who care.

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where abouts does it say this... ? I cant seem to see it ..


I wonder why they would say that



It's towards the bottom on the page:

Is it dangerous to give people LSD? What are the risks?

It can be risky for people to take LSD, but the dangers associated with its use are reduced significantly if it is given in a research setting with appropriate care. The two main risks associated with LSD are flashback phenomena, otherwise known as ‘hallucinogen persisting perceptual disorder’ (HPPD), which refers to the apparent persistence of unusual perceptual effects (e.g. visual ‘trailing’) associated with the acute effects of psychedelics; and exacerbated mental health problems.

With respect to flashbacks, studies have tended to show that persistent hallucinations are very rare in recreational users and the phenomenon has been widely exaggerated. In the present study, we minimised this risk further by recruiting only individuals with prior experience with psychedelics that have never experienced symptoms of persistent hallucinations. With regard to the exacerbation of mental health disorders, evidence tends to suggest that psychedelics are more prone to be associated with improvements in mental health outcomes than decrements. There are some very rare cases of psychotic reactions to LSD persisting beyond the drug’s acute effects, but the risk of this can be reduced by carefully screening volunteers, ensuring they have no personal or family history of psychosis, and including only individuals with prior experience with psychedelics who have not had psychotic reactions. Finally, the risk of dangerous behaviour under LSD is significantly offset if the drug is administered in a controlled research environment.

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Here's their email:

Need to be told that they're focus on research should be divided between our problem and their endeavors. I really don't get how they can kick this to the curb so callously.


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just makes me think this word is so screwed up.. we are always in search of more, how we can better our own situation.

it should start from a diffrent premmise, "how can i serve / how can i be of service?"...


No one cares, people are motivated by self intrest alone. I feel this all comes down to ignorange. Just my own perspective on things.

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