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How's life?


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How long have you had it, has it gotten better, how's life going for you right now?

I've had it for exactly 2 months now. December 29th was the last time I was normal. I have minor visual snow, terrible motion trails and colors and after images are crazy. I can ignore it, that's good. No more DP. Life is okay I guess.

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3 months in, definite improvement since the first week. No Dp, visual snow reduced, trails same as always, potential mild short term memory loss. Only thing that gets to me is my brain Fog. While it's rarely there, sometimes it pops in to say "hi" and I hate it. My addiction to cigarettes has been all but beaten. Hoping that my smoke 2 days ago will be my last. I got one of the ecigarettes with 0 nicotine and its been working. All in all, life is livable, albeit a little bit of a Bitch. But I'm staying positive:)

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Going on 4 years.  No real improvements, except for the fact that I've kind of gotten used to all the visual distortions, brain fog, anxiety, DP/DR, etc.   Just got perscribed Keppra and hoping to see even just a minor reduction in symtoms! 

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Will be 20 years, this summer.... Life has got better in that the major depression left after 3 years.


On paper, my life is pretty damn good... Beautiful wife, great family, interesting job, good education. Inside though, I still feel mentally and physically like my brain has been poisoned.


Thankfully, I still have quite an optimistic and positive outlook, which keeps me going and I can enjoy parts of life.

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Really Really good happy birthday HPPD 36 years .


Take hart guys it fades into insignificance with time .


Good meds that actually work . Lycra -dihydrocodiene and prozac  or a benzo when needed or a combination of any of these 


Good for the pain and brain fog of the condition which are the physical symptoms of the condition which is 95% of the condition .



Be carefull to take breaks from them though, dropping one for a few weeks then swapping about to avoid tolerance.



But really believe that you will recover because you will .


no amount of believing you are going mad will actually make you go mad HPPD  fades after time .


I'm a million miles away from the onset and have learned so much from it that I honestly think it has had a beneficial effect on me as a person in almost every way 


Would I change It ?  nope It would be like losing a guiding light as weird as that may sound .


Good Luck Guys get the head down and start living , Whats Stopping you ?


Thanks Robbie 





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I'm doing fucking amazing for the first time in my almost 2 years of this shit. For once it's not I feel great for a week and shitty the next, I've felt great for months on end. I found out it has 60% to do with sleep and 40% with what I eat. I completely stopped caffeine, large amounts of sugar, nicotine etc and got my sleep down juts perfect, which takes commitment ie setting alarms at specific times and going to bed at specific times etc, my visuals are 65% less than when u first developed visuals but there still there and may still be there for another year or 2 at the most

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hows life. i was doing so well when i was smoking pot, but now that i quit or something reality caught up with me, and im kinda anxious. i have lots to live for. i do mindfullyness meditation for a couple hours everyday which helps. my hppd isnt that bad. i have 3d vision :D but when i overthnk it it goes back to 2d. 


idk. i think sleep deprivation is a big one. 

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