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IME, Canchew was quite an efficacious anxiolytic and anti-insomniac. Too bad it's so expensive.

CibDex, on the other hand, was rather disastrous in that it made me high. Both are made by MMJ Inc, and purportedly low-THC content, though I guess that wasn't the case with the latter product.


I might try some other products soon (e-cig CBD vape sounds like a plan). I saw some CBD liquid in Amsterdam the other day; expensive as hell too. I'll try to find a purer, bulkier deal.

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CBD oil seems the best way.


From what I have read, the strongest CBD strains of weed still have about 6-7% THC.... Too much for hppers, i'm sure. I'd love to be able to smoke a few nice joints again though, but with just relaxing, anti anxiety effects... Beautiful!

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As of yet there have not been any CBD only strains created, I think the best one out there is Charlotte's Web which has 0.5% THC, 17% CBD!


Quite incredible considering others on the market are mainly a 1:1 ratio of thc to cbd.


Check out the CBDCrew.com they have a number of strains which are effective for some people, as they have high CBD to THC ratio between 5% to 8% CBD but then same amount of THC! 


Although certainly better than street weed that will have considerably lower levels. I would love to get some charlotte's web to try it but not possible at all. :(

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Didn't do anything noticeable. Whether it was the real deal or not, who knows?


It was called "Canavape" 150mg, from ebay.


I have given some thought to growing a high CBD low THC plant, but the seeds are crazy prices ($300 for 10 seeds) and you could still get ripped off and end up with a high THC weed.


Hopefully some of our members in the states could give it a try (only those who wouldn't get panicked about smoking weed though, even low THC).

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