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Did cannabis cause my palinopsia?


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Hi guys,



New to this forum. I have had palinopsia for about 12 years now. 


During 2002 I was using cannabis daily, not in vast quantities, but I was stoned most days of the week.


At the end of June I was hitting some of the creamiest, dirtiest bongs known to man. had a number immediately after one another. I knew it was too much but was trying to push the limits. For about 30 mins I couldnt see anything but I could hear voices. Then suddenly everyone and everything became very much like a cartoon character. My friends all looked like they should be in a Simpsons episode. I also thought there were giant insects buzzing about.


I was advised by my friends to go outside and try chill out. It took me a long time to walk the short distance. Once there the sky went a dark red colour and everything else went varying shades of black. The sky then switched to green. There were constant loud screeching noises. Felt a bit like when Frodo puts the ring on in The Lord of the Rings in fact. Also felt like there were worms wriggling in my head. Very frightening experience. I then lay down for a number of hours whilst it felt like my arms and legs were smaller than they should be.


It eventually all wore off but for next number of months I was quite badly fatigued and would frequently go to bed early. Then in August one evening when closing my eyes I noticed a strong after image remained. This gradually grew until I had strong palinopsia. I no longer drive at night as its too difficult, I have visual snow and the rest of the usual symptoms. I went to my doctor at end of 2002 and he thought that it was nothing. I thought it was maybe all in my head.



I then went to my optician in 2007 to tell him but there was a more immediate problem with the eyes themselves that needed treatment which took a number of years. It was only this year that I actually came across the term palinopsia.  It has not got any weaker over the years although I have learned to live with it.



Basically the question I have is could that cannabis use have triggered its occurrence or is it just a coincidence that those two incidents were in the same summer?



Thanks for reading!


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I'm 99% sure that the very strong cannabis, especially smoked through a bong, can overload the brain enough to do such a thing. There was always a big arguement on the old board as to whether cannabis could lead to hppd... I'm a strong beleiever that it can, it is so fucking strong these days that it should be classed as an out and out psychedelic.

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My HPPD was caused by cannabis.  I had used psychedelics previously (about 5 times) and always had a pleasant trip.  I smoked cannabis one night and it was like a switch flipped in my brain.  I experienced (and still experience) visual snow, afterimages, closed eye visuals, halos around light and perhaps more.  I don't get trails or colored patterns on walls.


My visuals are less intense than most on here.  I would say that my visuals/HPPD are a 2 or 3 on a scale of 1-10.  (10 being the highest)  I have still experienced anxiety, DP/DR, and depression.  I'm pretty sure that marijuana caused the visual phenomenon I see everyday. 

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