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Please help me, do I have HPPD?

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Hi everyone,


Last year december I took 20mg of dexamphetamine, I had a good trip but two days later I experienced a panic attack and several visual problems after smoking a cigaret. After this things escalated very quickly, I had multiple panic attacks a day, had to quit school and experienced a lot of visual problems. Since than I began visiting a psych and have I seen several doctors about my eye problems. Every doctor told me that these problems are probably caused by my anxiety and panic attacks. Within the last few months I have my panic attacks under control, sort of, and some of my visual symptoms slightly decreased but most of them are still strongly here. I experience a lot of anxiety over this and I still feel like my symptoms are caused by my drug use from last year.


In the months before the dexamphetamine I used around 5 times of 60 mg xtc, never in combination with other drugs or alcohol. Never had a bad trip and I left a few weeks in-between the uses. 


My symptoms are: floaters, visual snow, dizziness, painful eyeballs and muscles (behind my eyes & my neck + shoulders), problems with focussing my vision, panic attacks, general anxiety.


My question is: do i have HPPD or is it really the anxiety? Can someone relate to my story?



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I never did all those hard drugs and I still got similar symptoms.


Headaches, Terrible DP/DR, Severe Anxiety, Some Vision Changes. 


Some people think it is a severe anxiety reaction or HPPD. The best advice that I can give you that no one gave me is their practically treated the same way. Don't take benzo's daily and if you can do things to calm yourself. 

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Hard to say if it is hppd 


I personally think of hppd as a variety of different symptoms... the visual snow and anxiety are very much related to what we consider as hppd.


At this point, I wouldn't be too concerned about what to label the problem... Just concenrate on trying to heal. I think trying to work on the anxiety is the best approach.


Eat well, excerise, stay sober and de-stress your life.

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