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Discovered great natural remedy for depression

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I have been chopping up some garlic and putting in warm water with a tea spoon of honey

It honestly gets me out of a shit mood and lifts my mood for the rest of the day...feels better then what any med can do.

So if anyone is looking for a way to treat there depression caused by hppd and of course we cannot take meds u shud try it too

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I'm rlly having trouble with what u r saying...hard to understand.

It doesn't taste bad it tastes pretty good actually,.....u take a granule or garlic and chop up like half or 3/4 of it into small pieces, boil some hot water and put the chopped up garlic in the cup then add hot water and put a teaspoon of honey and add a bit of cold water then mix.

Everytime I have it my bad mood disappears it's great considering it's not medication :)

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this post might be of interest to you, Jess.. He is seeing good results with garlic too.



Wow thanks jay...that is very interesting indeed!! It's funny coz mold actually made my hppd worse also....it's deff gotta be some form of toxic overload but I never thought fungi it sounds interesting tho...

I will continue with my garlic :)

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