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Questions on Lamictal and Keppra

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I have managed to get myself a hold of Lamictal (50mg) what should I expect at the start and will it effect any visuals negatively? Also what is the difference between it and Keppra? Also why is Keppra considered the better treatment for HPPD? I was thinking of trying to convince my pysch to offer it to me... instead of Lamictal which I was able to luckily able to obtain anyway.... should I wait out and try and get Keppra instead?

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There are few case reports in which Lamictal made visual snow and trails worse or induced it in patients with migraine who had mild or none at all prior to treatment. But also there are contradicting reports in which lamotrigine alleviated visual symptoms in PHHD and other patients with migraine. So the evidence is small and contradicting, maybe Keppra considered better because of this contradiction in evidence. (but on Keppra I personally found nothing at all).

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Lamictal helped me a little bit, but was not really a magic bullet... Maybe a 10-20% reduction in symptoms while I was on it.... (I stopped because I got a rash, research the side effects... It is quite scary)

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