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May sound weird and just the stuff you don't want in your system if you have hppd but it has some interesting effects. It has been used for depression and can cure depression for about a month after a single use. If anyone knows more about it post it, just thought this was interesting.

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Ket is one of the strongest drugs i've ever tried, 2nded only by Salvia for complete out of body mind fuck.


Stay clear....


Magic mushrooms, lsd etc are also touted as having anti depression, anti anxiety effects.... Goes without saying that we shouldn't be trying them again though... Same with Ket.

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There are lots of things that are good for anti-depression that completely fuck up hppd sufferers, SSRIs are the perfect example.


Mr50, you need to understand that if you post on here about taking mind bending drugs.... even if your intentions are good, you will likely get shot down , unless you worded things perfectly.


I've read the original post back a few times and it still sounds a little like you wanted to try it out under the guise of being potentially good for you. Coupled with some of your other posts about being better, it is easy to see how people thought this.

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i think for people with non dp/dr visual related issues ketamine like mdma may be useful in treatment of depression..


i don't think hppd sufferers fall into that category. Taking a dissociative to correct a dissociative causing disorder will only prolong the disorder or make it worse. i would say if any drug in this category had potential to help hppd'er it would be salvia under the exact proper conditions and not recreational usage. That goes being dissociative to disconnected.. and anything disconnected when reconnected has a chance to reconnect stronger... but an equally large chance to never reconnect again

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Haha funny shit jimmy! I Originally

just posted this because I've read a lot about this drug and thought it had potential and everyone for some unknown reason but Larry thought I was talking about taking it myself


I did not think you were taking it yourself.  Where did you get from my post?  You had asked if anyone had heard about its uses and I only mentioned that I did hear something on a news show about low doses for depression.  Would never take it myself either.

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