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Advice from friend regarding Social Networking: GOOD ADVICE HERE TOO

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Don’t drink and go online. It’s like the drunken phone call, but much much worse. Since that person and all of his or her friends have now seen you lash out too, making you seem pathetic or of train wreck status.

Turn it off. Now you have to shut both your computer and your phone (ok your iPad too) to get away from social media, but not being online is the first step in not doing anything stupid online. Pissed off that someone insulted you or tagged an embarrassing photo of you? Go for a jog instead of posting to all of your friends what a jerk that person is.

Remember you like being employed. Most employers are aware of the social media activity of their employees, especially monitoring what it said about the company or its employees. So complaining about your horrible boss or complaining about how little you make for all the work you do can make you the recipient of a “you’re fired” tweet!

Don’t think you can talk behind someone’s back. So you blocked your no-good ex from your Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. And you unfriended all his friends too. Or so you think. All you need is one person left off and that person tells your ex, ex-best friend or whoever else you’re trashing and you’ve become the bitter loser.

Remember words can’t hurt you. I’ve had people tweet me that my face looks like it got ran over, am I pregnant because I obviously gained weight and that I was going to hell for certain political opinions I have. If I took every comment to heart I would need years of psychotherapy. Think of how much people must hate their own lives to insult yours.

Vent to yourself. When you can’t scream or vent to someone in person (and sometimes you shouldn’t that’s what therapists are for), writing can help relieve frustration and stress. But don’t send that email, tweet or facebook message off. Instead, address that email to yourself. You’ll get the relief from getting your emotions out with the fallout from hurting your intended recipient or regretting your words later. 24 hours later, if you still feel you must send the email to that person, do it.

Wait a week to change your relationship status. The game of love seems to spark a lot of online rage. A lot of my friends complain about dating online then wonder why no one wants to date them. Ever seen people that go from “in a relationship” to “single” to “it’s complicated” to “in a relationship” in a day. Don’t air your dirty laundry. No one needs to know you’re fighting, that’s a problem that’s personal between the two of you. It’s really hard to repair a relationship when your status yesterday was “single now hot men call me now.” Figure out what you really want first.

Write a joke or a positive message. Resist the urge to write “all people suck” or tweet back nastiness at the 20 people who didn’t like your picture. Instead write a more upbeat message. This tells your haters that their hate didn’t bother you because you’ve already moved on. Whether you have or not. If you engage haters they will keep bothering you and bring in reinforcements. Twitter interaction can snowball, so defending yourself can be more of a loss than just updating your status. That is the beauty of social media: with so many feeds and users, almost any online fight or embarrassment is gone within a day.

from Dr. Michelle Noonan, Scientifically Proven Tips for Better Living. Neuroscientist, writer, host & TV personality.http://www.doctormichele.comFROM

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