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tDCS therapy


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anyone given this a try?




Sounds queit interesting (and safe) treatment for depression, but can also be used to minimise Anxiety and other things conected to hppd. I have been reading up on the areas of the brain that you can target and you could minimise the activity in the visual cortex, which could help us. It is very short lasting, but you can retrain your brain with very short 10 minute per day changes.


More research is needed.

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Yes tDCS has been, up to now, the most effective therapy for attenuating my symptoms, predominately depersonalization and cognition. I gave it up because the device I made is a bit of a hassle to apply, and indeed benefits are rather transient.

This was at 1.5mA for 20 minutes, anode at F3 and cathode at Fp2 I believe.

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I wonder if trying anode at O1 and/or O2 (visual cortex) would benefit?


Have any users had a qEEG test? can they remember where the over excitation was in their scans?



I did rTMS for DP/DR and before that i had a qEEG. From the qEEG (we) could read i was nervous, everytime something new with neon stuff or weird questions came up, it was readable..

For me i didnt made any difference because i was on klonopin and lots of other meds. The good news is, there are people in (my) group of test persons, who dont have anxiety anymore for DP/DR.. for HPPD it didnt work(me.)


My thoughts are if you have DP/DR and depression and you dont take meds, its possible it could work.. You will need to have patience and money though. It was in The Netherlands. 

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I would think, given the theory of hyperexcitability, that cathode over occipital regions would be of more merit.
However, nothing is absolute, and it may be that anodal stimulation would be beneficial.

I haven't tried it myself yet, though I remember I've added quite a few articles on the subject over at "Research Articles". You might have to click " load more topics" as it was a while back.

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