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  1. bpl4269, Puppeteer and lexikovs ... Hi guys, I've always had double vision and strange focusing since my onset and i've never taken any meds for any of my symptoms. Its always most noticeable in the morning or the next day after drinking. hppd24years ... I realsied early on that you must try your hardest to separate (as much as possible) the neurological defects (visuals) and the psychological issues that arise from them (anxiety, flashbacks, thoughts of loosing your mind). It may seem naive of me to suggest such a thing to someone who has been dealing with these issues for such a lon
  2. Fair enough. Best answer I could give because it's a bit of a head scratcher. I have actually heard of people on these forums claiming HPPD having only smoked weed. It's not my place to say wether it's true or not but I have heard it claimed on numerous occasions. Also streaky lights, afterimages and DP/DR sound all too familiar. Denial is also common with early HPPD onset, however you sound down to earth and clear headed so please don't take that as an accusation lol.
  3. Hello mate, I can relate to some of what you have said. I tend to put such things down to a very gradual onset, mixed with a heightened awareness. HPPD onset is very often gradual and mine certainly was. Mine was induced by heavy use of psychedelics - most notably LSD. I have a wide range of symptoms including those you have mentioned. However, 6 months of a symptom plateau is a suspiciously long period of time for a prominent and distinctly new symptom to suddenly become observable - at least in my own knowledge and experience. Perhaps there is some kind of unknown psychologic
  4. I read about this in New Scientist a month or two ago in an article framed around depression. The results sound very impressive... but I agree that more research needed before getting too excited.
  5. Hello hppd24years, This is a very old post, Alisa's comment seems to have been written a year and a half ago. All of the symptoms that you said you have not seen mentioned have been mentioned a lot in old posts. You are definitely not alone. Here are a list of most of my symptoms (i say most as i am bound to forget one or two): afterimages trails walls and floors moving and warping intense visual snow light fracture or 'starbursting' double vision shaking / vibrating vision (only when i am tired) eye cell 'floaters' strange changes of both contrast and hue
  6. Hello, Congratulations on beating the anxiety, well done. I understand that this was achieved about a month ago and that you have had HPPD for about a year. So after 12 months of true self healing you are at university, you have a job and are on your way to law school. Very impressive. Its not my business what you choose to do but it does seem unwise to start medicating after a years hard work when the chances are that you will have to sacrifice focus for decreased visuals. Why jump on a medication when you are doing so well and having overcome arguably the worst symptom of t
  7. Hello Vox, I agree with disguyhere (good name). It will get better with time but It often gets much worse before it does. Be prepared for this. I understand that you wrote this a few weeks ago now and I hope you have had a good look at the forum as there is a lot of helpful information on here that is likely to answer many of your questions. It sounds to me as though you are suffering from both HPPD and PTSD (post traumatic stress). I am a sufferer of HPPD and have had to suffered months of PTSD in the past. Are you having any recurring nightmares relating to your trip???
  8. Used to be the nightly anxiety attacks and very mild DP - both of which I am glad to say I have overcome (Although I only experienced DP on 3 occasions that lasted just a few minutes - which I am very thankful for). I guess now it would be, although very generic and common given my range to choose from, the frequent and lingering after images paired with the intense vibrating visual snow. These are the two main culprits responsible for muddying the waters of my vision and robbing me of placid clarity. Nothing is ever still. I no longer have the ability to see a calm surface or even co
  9. nothingbutbluntz, You made another more detailed topic on this exact subject a few weeks ago in which you said you have had over 50 trips on shrooms and acid. Now you have said you get strange visuals, tracers, perspective changes... and all the other stuff that i have been experiencing for what feels like a very long while now. You may get things like after images as well yes? It is the steady onset of HPPD. Everyone who has spoken to you on both posts have said that what you are experiencing doesn't sound anything like schizophrenia. Its probably because nothing you have describ
  10. Hahahaha I think you trump me then mate as you are clearly the late Christopher Hitchens resurrected in digital format! I love Hitchens, one of my heros. And yes having looked back at my posts they do seem like a bit of a sails pitch. But to be honest the main reason I encourage people to read this is that so many people on the site are not neurologically literate and let their symptoms make them feel as if they are going insane or even schizophrenic and this unnecessarily adds to the anxiety that our infamous disorder carries. I even read of people on this site saying they fear that they ar
  11. Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl. Its a first person account written by the neurologist and psychotherapist (Frankl) who spent three long years in an Auschwitz concentration camp. He experienced complete dehumanisation. He was tortured physically and emotionally, he was separated from his family, he was starved. He experienced the worst kind of suffering imaginable and both witnessed and experienced unparalleled cruelty, including cannibalism. He still managed to find a reason to live. He was released after three years and created a form of psychotherapy called lo
  12. They are called HIPNOGOGIC HALLUCINATIONS (Hypnagogia). Look it up and understand it is nothing to worry about! I get them and used to get them less often before long before HPPD.
  13. Please read 'Hallucinations' by Oliver Sacks... Keep on dancing.

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