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Going Blind?

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For the past few days as I have been trying to go to sleep I noticed something different in my vision. When I would look at my dark pillow for about 5 seconds I noticed that the entire area would be black in my visual field. And when I focused my eyes a certain way the darkness spread to my entire visual field to the point where I can look away and still see nothing except black, hints of dark blue and dark purple mixed with some visual snow. I had to blink and refocus my eyes for it to go away. Does this still fall under the category of HPPD or is this a symptom of something else? It didn`t feel trippy and I wasn`t having anxiety.

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I don't know what this is probably would just call it zoning out. I get this too but it is caused by me it doesn't happen on its own unless I just let my eyes relax and kind of zone out and I usually get tunnel vision or a crossed eye felling. I can also see shit sometimes when I do this but very minor, like shadows move or something. Look at your wall when your room is fairly dark with just some light like from outside and just zone out at the wall. This doesn't happen to me much now and in fact now that I think about it I haven't noticed it since my CEVs went away a week and a half ago. But I wouldn't think it has anything to do with blindness, I could stare at a wall or whatever and all light would sink out of a fairly dark room and it would go back, this was self inflicted though it wouldn't happen unless I made it happen.

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