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The Colour Purple

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Hello everyone, just a quick discussion here in regards to the colour purple and HPPD and if it's just myself experiencing this or others having the same phenomenon.

When I drive at night, blotches of a semi transparent purple seem to appear far ahead in the road, no other colour.

When I walk into the toilet and look at the toilet seat, a purple shimmer is surrounding the edges.

When I move a white cord over a dark blue carper, a purple wave like pattern is formed.

Does anyone else have this colour problem? 

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I too have some weird thing going on with the color purple. I remember in every shroom trip I have had the most dominant color I see around me is purple. And now with HPPD its still stuck with me. When I'm in a dark setting and close my eyes I get very intense closed eye visuals (CEV). And in these CEVs that I get the only color I notice is purple. a very rich deep beautiful purple. And I'm sure you are aware of these 'after images' most people get with HPPD, and most of these 'after images' I personally get are a form of purple.

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Sorry for the up, but I too have a weird thing with the colour purple.


I see it around my toilets, on people, everywhere. Not all the time,it likely happens during the afternoon or at night. It can be just dots or even little clouds.


When I get really drunk, I don't see black when the lights are off; but a fluorescent purple instead.


I also see clear blue around things, it depends. I don't know why.

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Hmm, I'm blown away the more I read about what people are going through and when I relate it to what I know about physics and my experiences with HPPD and other visuals. It's no surprise that if anyone is going to see light even when it's super dark it's going to be first purple at the very least but still eventually progress to green, then yellow, before ending with red if your eyes are sensitive enough. Yep, that's the entire color of the rainbow but that only happens most noticeably with the whitest or bluest of lights and to some degree certain yellow lights. If I'm looking at a bright enough light with enough glare and enough blackness or darkness behind it I can see exactly what I'm talking about with most car headlights or street lamps.


Purple and blue light has the shortest wavelength so it travels through space easy enough compared to the other colors but air does absorb it which is why the sky looks blue during the day.


More fantastical would be if some of us were starting to see ultraviolet light but that would be too awesome to somehow gain because only animals are supposed to be able to see that light.

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