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NSI-189 Group Buy


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  • 4 weeks later...

Figured I'd inform you guys asap: There is no longer a reserve list for the Longecity groupbuy, "everyone who wants some will get some". (original post requires joining both Longecity and the NSI-189 Group Buy Group to view, as well as participating in the group buy)

I was already #1 or #2 in the reserve list, so it's highly likely I'll be getting NSI-189 myself (guessing it will be January).
However, perhaps as always; best to be an early bird if you're interested in this!

For me personally; I'm really hoping this will actually help, seeing as my situation has taken a turn for the worse since ~2 months ago without improvements so far.

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Question, what would be the main purpose of using this? Short term memory and long term memory? From Wiki(which I know isn't correct a lot of times or updated) it is only in phase 1 trail. PRL-8-53 has more runs at it and better documented as far as memory goes. Also says it potentiates dopamine which I'm not quiet sure if this means if it is like L-DOPA or what(if someone could clear this up for me that would be cool).


Anyways I wouldn't be to quick to jump on this unless you don't mind being phase 2 trail of this drug basically. But then again it is all in the name of science and someone has to do it. I only found that 41 healthy volunteers were tested with it, I don't want 41 healthy volunteers I want 41 depressed volunteers lol. Lmk how it goes.

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It causes neurogenesis in the hippocampus (20% growth in mouse models I think), the hippocampus is very important not only for memory but for spacial navigation as well. Considering the putative shrinking effect of MDMA on the hippocampus (dunno bout other psychs), it may be very beneficial.

Mind you, I've not given it much research to be honest, but at this points the anecdotes coming in are very promising (one virtually curing PTSD with it), so I think it'd be well worth the shot. Also, multiple people have reported an improvement in autobiographical memory, which I could only interpret as conducive to recovering from DP/DR.

For further info I'd suggest reading the thread at Longecity though (noteworthy experiences start about here).

As for PRL-8-53: No clue whatsoever. The MoA is very vague IMO.. Not going to play with that myself until a few months have passed and long-term use has been established as safe.

W.r.t. dopamine potentiation.. not sure that's a legitimate term. I believe potentiation occurs at the receptor itself, thus dopamine cannot be potentiated but merely be more potent at a specific receptor, requiring less to elicit the same signal transduction as otherwise. Don't quote me on that though.

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Right I was thinking the term dopaminergic should have been used which is confuses me. It also says it inhibits serotonin so does this make is a ssri or what? It is kind of vague to me or my understanding just isn't there. I read a ton of great stuff about it. I am currently just trying to feel good aside from visuals which is why the dopamine potentiation part caught my attention. From what I have gathered you can't really potentiate dopamine or the receptors, unless you can make them less dense which would basically require not jacking with them. Here is a question, what are the effects of taking dopaminergic(hate this loose term) nootropics like phenylpiracetam which are suppose to dense your dopamine receptors and taking opioids? Will that lessen the effect of the opioid or increase it? Sounds like 2 chemicals fighting for the same spots but not to sure.


My question about it acting as a ssri is because I take Kanna which is supposedly a ssri or has ssri effects and I refuse to quit Kanna it has been working well on depression and anxiety, more so then Kratom and I love opioids. I am now trying to find something I can safely take with Kanna, Kratom and here soon Maral root. If PRL-8-53 wouldn't be safe I would be interested in NSI-189. I myself don't believe Kanna is a ssri or has ssri effects just because it doesn't react to me like any ssri. People theorize this because it can take up to a month to work but so do many other substances.


How would this group buy go and when will the purchase be?


Thank you

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Is anyone able to confirm what's generally regarded as a good dose for this? The study seem to just generalise, wish I knew what the starting dose was and what the high doses they were increased to were. I've seen people mention taking 10mg BID, 20mg BID, and 30mg BID. Is there a consensus on what's the best to stick with?


Put my name down in the group buy thread, by the way. Cheers Odisa

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You were referring to PRL with the dopamine potentiation, no? Like I said; I haven't read much into the pharmacological profiles of either substances, hence I'm not too sure I can adequately address your questions. Also, I'm not familiar with receptor density..

So as for combining Kanna and/or Kratom with PRL: I definitely don't know that.
As for combining them with NSI-189: I don't see why not, though again I haven't read any elaboration on the exact mechanism by which NSI-189 exerts its neurogenesis.

Joining the group buy would go as followed:

  1. Log in / register at Longecity
  2. Join the NSI-189 Group Buy Group
  3. Post a message in the "Participants" thread, specify the amount you would like to buy
  4. You will be contacted via private message with how to go about paying
  5. Synthesis will probably be finished somewhere late December.
  6. Orders will be processed chronologically (i.e. first come first serve)

Or so I've understood it. I'd say give or take a few weeks, but I'd expect to receive the NSI-189 somewhere around January, February at the latest.

As for dosing, Puppeteer, I think it depends on your RoA. Some people take it orally, others sublingually. I plan on starting with 20mg sublingually BID I think, but I'll have to look more in to that. I'm gonna read more of "MizTen"'s experiences, and judge a dose off of her experiences. 5 grams would give me 125 days... Yeah, on second thought, let me double/triple my order. If anything, I could always donate it to one of you if it turns out not to help me.

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Why are you ordering 10g all at once? As far as I understand that'll last approaching 10 months, and is pretty damn costly for something you can't be sure will work for you. Would it not be worth buying just a few month's worth to determine its usefulness for you and if you find it worthwhile put in a larger order for the next group buy? Seems like a lot of people who haven't used it before are ordering quite large quantities for personal use and it just seems like an unnecessary gamble


edit: though i guess if that ending up with a largeish quantity you can't use isn't too much skin off your back i'm sure a lot of people on here would really appreciate a donation given how costly and tedious to acquire this stuff is

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  • 2 weeks later...

Whelp, just transferred the cash ($130 AUD!  :o) for 3 grams, so it's pretty well set in stone that I'll be getting some of this in the New Year. Finally splurged on a milligram scale the other day for tianeptine (decided to double up on the dose since I discovered newmind sells it for 1/3 of the price I was looking at on eBay) so that'll come in handy. Yet another tenuous pharmacological venture to invest too much hope and and faith in than is realistic for the period it'll take to receive it, woo! :P Got every part of my body crossed.


Oh, incidentally, the guy organising this has started accepting cash transfers for the buy, so. Y'know. Get on that shit, I guess. http://www.longecity.org/forum/topic/65189-participants/ (link should work?)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hmm, I'm more and more (cautiously) excited about this stuff! MDMA's what primarily fucked me over, and its neurotoxicity primarily affects the hippocampus, from what I can gather. Given that fucked up memory and severely reduced capacity to feel joy are the main issues MDMA gave me (some wonder drug, huh?), and those are the main issues that pop up in studies relating to its impact on the hippocampus... Well, it seems like this could really help me with a good few issues. A lot of people are mentioning that those who are experiencing the most profound benefits from NSI-189 are those who have some kind of hippocampal damage/degradation/shrinkage i.e. MDD, PTSD, etc. and the "healthy individuals" are the ones who experience little benefit. I'm keeping my enthusiasm well reigned, but I feel like my hopefulness is pretty well justified!


I definitely think anyone for whom MDMA played a significant role in developing/exacerbating HPPD/other cognitive symptoms ought to look into this.


If anyone more capable with analysing and understanding the info relevant to this and such could provide some more thorough insight into NSI's potential in treating MDMA-related damage that'd be really great.

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californiaguy: I suggest you read through the topic again.. You can join the current group buy @ Longecity.

Alternatively, I've found this source ($75/g). Though it's from eBay.. Wouldn't know whether it's legitimate.
I'd order it, but the ETA would be around the time my NSI-189 is arriving, so no point there really. Perhaps quicker for US residents.
Again; idk about how legitimate this is. IMO the Longecity group buy is more trustworthy.

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Meh. I've inquired whether he can provide a faster shipping option, and if so I'll order a gram. This because I've decided to quit Cerebrolysin until after I've done some NSI-189 (because it makes more sense to have neurogenesis and then synaptogenesis, and not vice versa), so I want the NSI-189 a.s.a.p.

98.2% seems sufficient to me. That would be 180mcgs of gunk consumed every 10mg. Can't be that bad.
A gram should last me roughly until my 5 grams arrive. Just hope it's genuine I guess.

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