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Drug sensitivity

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Hey folks

Does anyone else experience a really low tolerance to drugs? I notice I have a reaction minutes after taking something. Even at a low dose.

For example the keppra I was on. I took one 250mg and it hit me hard. Alleviated most of my symptoms within minutes of taking it. Unfortunately it didn't work out for me as it has exasperated my digestive issues , gave me irregular heartbeats and made my hppd symptoms unbearable by day 3. However I've noticed this to be true for any medication. Some people have to take meds for days and weeks before noticing a change. Where as with me my body processes it rapidly. I took a 20mg dose of Prozac before bed and the next day I was fried. Like I was seriously tripping. I know 20mg is really low but why does it hit me so hard?

I know people tolerate medication differently. I just seem to be really sensitive to any chemical change.

Anyone else feel the same?

Also I know the last few times I've posted on here I've been a total bummer. I am feeling better now and I'll try to keep this a positive place. Just when your in the throws of it, ya know, it can seem hopeless. But i am feeling somewhat better so I gotta be thankful for that.

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I don't think it is your tolerance it is just how you are reacting to it. I was on zoloft once and the first time I took it I was having crazy nightmares waking up every 30 minutes sweating and the next day I just looked at the wall all day. You just need to find a medication that agrees with you. You are just experiencing side effects

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Remember that the mind is very powerful. Our expectations can greatly effect how our body reacts.

If placebos can produce hives (from an experiment), then I have no doubt that our state of mind greatly effects how we react to drugs. Even the food I eat, i worry about it to a degree :\ 

When you take meds, instead of 'waiting' for something to kick in, try to just go about your daily routine.


Or it could be just biological in which case I hope that the drug sensitivity will be extremely useful for you someday :) 


With keppra and other meds, have you tried much smaller doses?


I know its in poor taste to use weed as an example but when I first smoked weed, too much would green me out, puked once and basically became immobile and asked for an ambulance lol but finding the right balance allowed me to enjoy it. Its true with most recreational drugs, too much can just take away all the fun and desired effects but once you find the right balance its heaven or hppd :\

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Hi Kellen,


Finally I've found someone exactly the same!


I have tried various medications at half the recommended dose and I would be tripping balls and brain fried the next day!


Doctors told me this was impossible and that I was just nervous about taking it so I decided to take there advice and continue taking it.




The longer I persevered the worse it got BY 1000%.  I couldn't do it I mean I was brain fried HARD!


Would love to chat to you and see if you still suffer from this?


Cheers mate! 

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...i have read all the posts here and im experiencing sensitivity to drugs myself...but commercial drugs have always been worse for me than natural...i had to deal with extreme sensitivity for a long time (4 month) and after these four month i had no more hppd but still dpd that means im still highly sensitive...now 6 month after my onset im taking a wide variety of natural drugs in low doses and even smoke weed again..when i was at my worst i thought i would never do any substance in my life again..but im back.. :D

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