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Very recent article about treatment using lamotrigine


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Just gonna copy paste the abstract here:


Background: Despite a multitude of etiological and therapeutic approaches, the exact pathophysiological mechanisms 
underlying Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD) remain elusive. Rather, in each individual case, specific risk factors 
and different vulnerabilities form part of a multifactorial origin of this rare but highly debilitating psychiatric disorder.
Case: The following case report describes the history of a 36 year old male who has been suffering from a visual perception 
disorder for the last 18 years. At the age of 17 he used LSD for the first time, having consumed cannabis and alcohol on a regular 
basis since a year earlier. 
Descriptions: After one particular LSD trip at age 18, the patient suddenly developed persistent visual disturbances including 
small-sized, colour-intensive, flickering, geometrical patterns; intermittent after images of objects in the visual fields, and trailing 
phenomena of moving objects. Results from the Early Trauma Inventory (ETI) questionnaire indicated significant mental trauma in 
childhood and adolescence. Brain MRI and electrophysiological investigations (median nerve SEPs) revealed a few disseminated 
subcortical lesions. 
Conclusion: Upon experimental treatment with lamotrigine, the patient experienced partial to complete remission of the various 
visual disturbances. With its potentially neuroprotective and mood-stabilising properties, lamotrigine may offer a promising new 
therapeutic approach for the treatment of HPPD.

I'll read the article later.. Case reports are generally speaking not so useful, though it may indicate further implications.
Judging from the abstract, they're thinking that lamotrigine's (potentially) neuroprotective and mood-stabilising properties contribute to symptom remission.
AFAIK there are many substances that have these properties along with anti-convulsant action. I do know Lamotrigine has been used for both DP and HPPD with marginal success, so I guess if anyone is looking for a new attempt at treatment, they could consider Lamotrigine for sure.

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This is a great find! Thanks for posting it. It gives a brief description of HPPD and studies to date as well. How did you come across it?


Lots of people are after a quick fix and lamotrigine takes a long time to work - so that might be why some are not too keen to give it ago. That along with its potentially serious side effects. But it is a consideration - especially since there are recent reports of improvements of symptoms on the visual snow Facebook group.

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This is a great find! Thanks for posting it. It gives a brief description of HPPD and studies to date as well. How did you come across it?


I googled HPPD and olanzapine and it popped up.  I was looking for one of the case reports of HPPD being treated with olanzapine and fluoxetine.

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Thanks for sharing that article dude... it will help me a lot with my doctor.  


From the article:


"In a study conducted on 9.400 participants, who had consumed 
LSD for research or therapeutic purposes, not a single case of HPPD 
was documented [20,21]. In an interview of over 500 Navajo members 
of the Native American Church -a legal mescaline using religious 
community- no signs of HPPD were reported [2,3]. These carefully 
controlled prospective and retrospective studies underline the 
importance of a protective setting to counter later anxiety and loss of 
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